The essential factor for the technical realisation of each project is the particular moulding tool. Due to the fact that each tool is constructed and manufactured especially for each project they are mostly unique.

Oftentimes there exists a conflict between the technical structuring and the visual request to an individual design. Yet in many cases design and technical producibility can be coordinated. In particular cases certain visual specifications can not or not completely be measured.

Because of a variaty of projects already realised our construction engineers have wide experiences on this field.
Capitalise this experiences for your projects and contact us. We will be into supporting you. Of course even if the manufacturing will not be realised by us.

Tool/ parts design

Even for Low Pressure Moulding an appropriat tool design depends on a combination of the customers request,  material and process specifications, conciderations concerning production and experience. Basicly the principles for Low Pressure Moulding are similar to those of the classcical injection moulding

  • Radii instead of sharp edging
  • Draft angels
  • Mould venting
  • Avoid material accumulation
  • Ejectors, sliders, datestamps, engravings
  • Several cavities possible
  • Bend protection for cable

The major difference contrary to the injection moulding consists of the fact that Low Pressure Moulding does not use classical sythetics but thermoplastic adhesives. These are processed with considerably lower pressures but have a higher adhesion.

Normaly aluminium is used as tool material.
It is easier to process, therefore more cost-saving and by the low pressures of Low Pressure Moulding it will not be injured. Besides that the adhesion of the moulding material is less on aluminium. Steel is only used for inserts or tools with peculiar specifications that can not be fulfilled by aluminium.

Muster and Prototyps

The construction of prototypes is an important component for the realisation of a new projekt. By dint of near-series prototype moulds the engineering data can be checked for successful implementing and if necessary be modified. As well as the basic parameters for the serial production can be ascertained.

All prototype moulds constructed by us are in priciple close-to-production and in most cases they can be used for serial production or be finished to a serial production mould.