In the meantime, the corona virus has spread to many countries around the world and extensive measures have been taken to contain it.

The safety and health of our employees as well as our customers and suppliers is our top priority.

We do what we can to protect them and at the same time ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible and that we can continue to supply and advise you as best we can:

We have taken the following measures:

• Training and implementation of hygiene regulations for all employees

• Business travel ban in the current risk areas and general restriction of travel to a minimum.

• Limited personal contact with customers, suppliers and visitors. Communication via telephone, email or video conferencing. Your contacts can be reached at the known telephone numbers and email addresses.

• In the event of unavoidable contacts, our employees are advised to keep the necessary distance and to observe the hygienic requirements.

• All employees work in divided groups, where possible also from home offices to minimize the risk of infection and to keep the company going in the event of infection of individual employees.

We will monitor every new development and adapt our measures accordingly.

With this in mind, we keep in touch with our suppliers and customers and would like to keep you up to date with this information.

At the current time and the information available to us to date, our ability to deliver is currently not affected by this situation.

If the situation affects our ability to deliver, we will of course notify you immediately.


We wish you, your colleagues and families all the best - stay healthy!


Update March 25th, 2020 - Technomelt materials still available


We received information from the manufacturer Henkel today that, despite the production restrictions in Italy, the plant in Casarile, Milan, can continue to produce. The warehouse and shipping processes can also be maintained. At this point we can deliver Technomelt materials as usual. However, an extended delivery time is to be expected, as the entire goods traffic is delayed at the borders due to the current situation.