We compensate our company´s CO2-emissions:

1.    Determination of CO2 emissions

With the ecocockpit tool from the efficiency agency NRW, we created a location-based documentation of our carbon footprint. The analysis and annual update of our balance sheet enables the implementation and control of measures on how we can further avoid and reduce CO2.

2.    Compensation of CO2 emissions through a climate protection project

Climate protection projects save CO2 - for example through afforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies. With the support of the project Marine Protection, Plastic Bank, we compensate the greenhouse gases. All ClimatePartner projects are certified to the highest international standards and independent third parties check that the measures are implemented on site.

3.    Retrace CO2 compensation

Thanks to the ClimatePartner process with order-related ID number, climate neutrality is transparently retraceable: At www.climatepartner.com/14461-2003-1001 you can find the certificate of our climate neutrality with information on how much CO2 was compensated by the company and which climate protection project we did support.




Documentation of carbon footprint

Certificate ClimatePartner

Our electricity is CO² neutral

More than 30.000 kWh/year are produced by our own photovoltaic modules.

The rest is delivered by Polarstern.



We support plant for the planet