Our modular machine system facilitates a flexible equipment configuration, based on your requirements. All machine components are aligned to each other and allow individual adjustments within the standard machine range as well as customised solutions.






For medium to large series production and / or medium to high annual quantities Melting capacities of up to> 10 kg / h for medium to large shot weights and / or medium to large annual quantities Clamping forces of up to 38 kN for components with a total moulding surface of up to approx. 9,500 mm²



For small to medium series production as well as small to medium sized components Max. Melting capacity of approx. 1 kg / h for small to medium shot weights and / or small to medium annual quantities Clamping forces of 8-12 kN for components with a maximum total moulding surface of approx. 2000 / 3000mm²



Flexline 19kN vertical

Flexline 12kN horizontal mit Schiebetisch

Flexline 19kN horizontal mit Schiebetisch


This series offers maximum flexibility due to the modular design of various components as well as extended  options for implementing special designs and functions. The adaptation of particular mechanical parts such as e.g. sliding table or turntable are just as possible as special programing as well as integration in a complete production line.

In addition, hot runner systems with different nozzle geometries and arrangements can also be used for the application.

The melting units can be optimally matched to the requirements of the respective project and exchanged at any time through our innovative "plug-and-play" system.

The use of the Siemens S7-1200 controller with a large touch panel and the use of pictograms forms the basis for simple, intuitive operation and the integration of customer- and project-specific program functions.




Technical Specifications

Clamping force: 9-38 kN (higher clamping forces available upon request)

Tank volume: 2-12l

Melting capacity: 1-12 kg/h

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Baseline 12kN horizontal

Baseline 12kN horizontal with sliding table

Baseline 9kN toggle lever horizontal

This series combines compact design with comfort and flexibility.

Various mechanical components can be assembled according to requirements and combined with additional options.

The adapted melting unit with double-acting piston pump and a melting cpacity of approx. 1kg/h enables optimum processing of small to medium shot weights and/or quantities. The available clamping force of 9/12kN is suitable for moulding surfaces up to approx. 3000mm².

By using the Siemens S7-1200 controller with touch panel, the series offers the same operating convenience as the larger series.

Technical Specifications

Clamping force: 9/12kN

Tank volume: 4 l

Melting capacity: approx. 1kg/h

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Equipment for prototyping und small series

hand gun

Manual dispensing device for manual manufactureof samples and prototypes.

The maximum processing temperature of 250°C permits the processing of all Technomelt® products.

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clamping unit

This clamping unit for small toolings can be used in combination with the  manual processing unit OM 100 for an comfortable processing of sample and small series production.

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Customized machinery

Do you have an application that can not be realised optimally with our machine series?

Our modular machine system allows to respond flexible individual projects and their particular requirements.

Individual requirements on opearting data logging, remote diagnostic system and additional protective equipment can also be realized.

Contact us and we will develope a matching solution with you.

Leasing machinery

  • You have a higher production level for a limited time?
  • You did not make a definitely decision about the type of machine yet?
  • You can utilize the machine only for a limited period?

Contact us. We offer the possibility to rent our standard machines on good terms.