Technical consulting

Each project is unique. The requirements to a part and the technical solutions are always individual even though there are many parallels.

Often small but important details are essential to find out which technical solution is factual convertible to a firm and process-sure production.

Avail yourself of our technical competence and long-time experience in realising many different projects. Consult us and together we will bring your products to technical and economical success.

Installation and training

You have purchased one of our standard or special machines and have no or little knowledge about how to install and run the system? Avail yourself of our installation and training offering.

Our technicians or project-engineers can install the machine on-site and train your personel in running the system. The training also includes for example advices for the "right refill" of the melting tank and tips for the daily maintenance.

Contact us and we will submit you an individual offer.


Even the best machines need to be maintained to guarantee an unobstructed and safe production process.

The prevetative maintenace, that should be operated by the production personel, is an important part of the whole maintenace process. A maintenace that is understood and carried out correctly is the key to ensure an failure-free process and avoid unplanned prodution stops.

The regular maintenance is normally confined to the melting unit. We offer special trainings, to allow your personel to carry out this workings in time and professional.

Of course this maintenance can also be carried out by our specialists. This can take place in our shop or on-site.

Together with you we can develop the most reasonable and cost-efficient altenative, up to the possibility of an individual maintenance contract.