Born out of a development group – OptiMel was founded in 1995 by Henkel KGaA as a machine and project partner for newly designed thermoplastic hotmelts. Today Low Pressure Moulding is an approved technology of protecting electrical and electronic components.

Since 2001 OptiMel is an independent full-service provider in this field. Based on our many years of experience, as well as comprehensive consulting and services, we offer tailor-made solutions for every project.

Our systems for Low Pressure MouldingLow Pressure Moulding are assembled worldwide. With an export share of more than 70% we are an international experienced and approved distributor for ambitious technical system solutions in the field of working with Technomelt thermoplastics.

We support you from the first planning steps, through the immplementation oft he technology in your production op to the running production.

Through innovative processes, tehcnical development and the close partnership with Henkel as the manufacturer of Technomelt® materials, we are constantly expanding the application possibilities of the LPM-technology.

A high level of customer orientation in combination with flexibility and high quality standards are characteristics of our work methods.

OptiMel International

Innovative LPM system for moulding to metallic components

For the first time it is possible to achieve adhesion to metallic components efficiently and reliable in one prodcution step.