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Pioniere für Elektronikverguss und im Low Pressure Moulding | Optimel Schmelzgußtechnik GmbH Pioniere für Elektronikverguss und im Low Pressure Moulding | Optimel Schmelzgußtechnik GmbH

Pioneers in Low Pressure Moulding

Know-how and enthusiasm for moulding of electronics

OptiMel emerged in 1995 from a development group at Henkel KGaA, which was concerned with the possible uses of newly developed thermoplastic hotmelts. The aim was to offer the Low Pressure Moulding process based thereon - also called hotmelt molding - worldwide for sealing cable harnesses in the automotive industry and to be able to deliver the appropriate processing systems.

In the years that followed, the process became increasingly interesting for other industries as well, in order to gently,efficiently and reliably protect electrical and electronic components against external influences and is therefore now a recognized process in many areas. OptiMel, separate enterprise since 2001, has become a full-service provider, offers the matching solutions for every project based on more than 25 years of experience and accompanies you through the entire implementation process with extensive know-how. 

Our scope of services includes technology and project consulting as well as the sale of project-specific processing equipment consisting of machines, moulding tools and peripherals, advice and sales for Technomelt® moulding materials as well as comprehensive support and services.

Through innovative processes, technical development and the still close partnership with Henkel, as the manufacturer of Technomelt® materials, we are constantly expanding the application possibilities of the LPM technology. Our way of working is characterised by a high degree of customer orientation, coupled with flexibility and a high quality standard.

Your partner for machines and production materials

Based on years of experience and with the aim of maximum flexibility, we have developed a machine system that is oriented towards the respective requirements.

We no longer built any standard models - our modular system including machines and accessories can be precisely tailored to your projects and production conditions.


Please, find  the suitable equipment for your project here,

We deliver all available Technomelt® materials for the Low Pressure Moulding technology - with flexible and service-oriented offers for your respective project.

Samples are just as possible here as individual delivery quantities and delivery schedules, through to annual framecontracts with corresponding special conditions.


Find the right material here,

Our service for your projects

Technology consulting

The introduction of new technologies begins long before the required production equipment is purchased. We will advise you from the start, share detailed knowledge of the technology and carry out feasibility analyses.


We analyze the matching moulding material based on your requirements, carry out spot tests for adhesion analysis and create prototype tools for test samples and pre-series production.

Tool design

At the heart of every project, many details are crucial for a stable and efficient process. We advise on component design, manufacture high-quality tools and carry out mold flow analyzes.

Process design

Cycle times, pressure, processing and mold temperatures play a decisive role in project-related process design. We determine these parameters and advise on the optimization of ongoing projects.

Equipment configuration

Suitable equipment is defined by the specification of the project, production conditions and, if applicable, future projects. The configuration is aligned to your requirements based on the modular machine programme and extensive accessories.

Allround service

With advice on process optimization, training for your staff, various maintenance options and spare parts service, you can also make use of our know-how and support during a running production. 

OptiMel Studio

Would you like to get to know us or use our services without the effort of travelling ?! - We can switch you into our studio and it's almost like you're there.


Whatever demands and challenges your project has - our team is here for you: 

+49 2371 - 1597 0

What pioneers consider important

For us, it is not only important what we do - full service in Low Pressure Moulding - and why we do it - in order to offer our customers an optimal solution for the protection of electrical and electronic components - but also how we do it - with awareness and responsibility for our environment and ourselves. We are convinced that everyone contributes to what kind of world we will live in in the future. That is why we want to live up to our responsibility as a company in the industrial state of North Rhine-Westphalia and, with our commitment and our decisions, contribute to sustainable business that is oriented towards the common good.

Picture: Wiesner Messearchitektur GmbH   

Pioneers work

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