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Sustainability 29.Aug 2023
OptiMel CO2 report 2022

Our new CO2 report for 2022 is now available and again shows a noticeable reduction compared to the previous year. Further savings measures have already been implemented or are being planned so that we can continue on this path.

29.Aug 2023 Sustainability
OptiMel CO2 report 2022

Our new CO2 report for 2022 is now available and again shows a noticeable reduction compared to the previous year. Further savings measures have already been implemented or are being planned so that we can continue on this path.

Low Pressure Moulding Systemlösung |Optimel Schmelzgusstechnik GmbH
24.Jan 2023 Fairs and congresses
Electronics molding – experience it up close in 2023

Live and always with the latest news, we present the Low Pressure Molding technology for electronics molding every year at various events.Both at trade fairs and in talks at workshops, congresses and symposia with different industry focuses, we show the process and equipment in detail and offer individual exchange on the requirements in a wide variety of applications. We have already planned the following dates for 2023:Henkel AEI Electro Days – Expert Talks LPM March 13th in DüsseldorfSmans NV Cable and Wire Inhouse Show March 14th  – 16th  in Turnhout BE Smans | Cable & Wire In-house Show 2023Kuteno May  9 th   – 11 th  in Rheda-Wiedenbrück - KUTENOProductronica November 14 th –17 th in Munich productronica | Trade fair electronics development production… further events will follow.Low Pressure Molding (LPM) is a process for electronics molding, means protection of electrical and electronic components (such as printed circuit boards or sensors) against vibrations and shocks. LPM insulates against heat, cold, moisture, weather in general and electrical energy. The design is space-saving, cost-effective and individually designable.Thermoplastic hot melt adhesives are used as molding compounds. The predominantly pollutant-free materials based on dimer fatty acids are liquefied by heating. They can be introduced into moulds at low pressures and solidify when cooled.Against the backdrop of increasingly compressed installation space and growing power densities, the demands on the design of electric and electronic components are rising. Encapsulation processes and materials are among the decisive factors for the durability of electrical and electronic assemblies.Originally developed for and in collaboration with the automotive industry, the process has now become an established manufacturing technology in many areas of electronics production and is used in various industries. You can also find more information in our detailed white paper:

06.Oct 2022 Fairs and congresses
electronica 2022 Munich

After a 4-year break and electronica virtual in 2020, electronica Munich will open its doors again.OptiMel presents the Low Pressure Moulding technology for efficient protection of electrical and electronic components in its entire range. And as always, we also show new developments.We look forward to meeting customers and partners there again, making new contacts, discussing projects and having intensive talks.We cordially invite you to visit us in hall A 2 booth 301 - you can request your personal ticket voucher via our contact form.

03.Oct 2022 Fairs and congresses
Cooling Days as part of the Power of Electronics

On the one hand, electronic components are becoming smaller and smaller and, on the other hand, are generating more energy. Accordingly, heat dissipation is an absolute necessity.Two innovations in the field of Low Pressure Moulding ensure that media-tight moulding to protect the electronics and the targeted removal of heat generated are not mutually exclusive.OptiMel will present the basics of Low Pressure Moulding as a technology for the efficient protection of electrical and electronic components as well as the specific possibilities for processing power electronics in a lecture at the Cooling Days as part of the "Power of Electronics" event on 19.10.2022 at the Vogel Congress Centre in Würzburg.

20.Sep 2022 Fairs and congresses
Low Pressure Moulding in the Isgatec Yearbook 2023

With a detailed article the Isgatec Yearbook Sealing. Glue. Polymer.2023 introduces Low Pressure Moulding.In addition to the basics of the technology, typical applications, physical fundamentals, materials used, tools, machine systems, process and innovations are examined in detail.

06.Jul 2022 Fairs and congresses
LPM user report

In April, a user report on Low Pressure Moulding was published in Elektronikpraxis  online. It highlights a project that we have realized with our customer Miltronik GmbH & Co. KG for moulding in the field of electronic controls.

03.May 2022 Fairs and congresses

On 3 May 2022, the ISGATEC Forum on the topic "Designing of sealing points" will take place online.After OptiMel was already an event partner last year, this year we present Low Pressure Moulding as an efficient alternative to traditionally sealed housings. Curing times or several process steps can be saved if housings with conventional seals are replaced by direct moulding of the components.We compare advantages and possible limitations of the process and explain what needs to be considered specifically when processing LPM in order to achieve optimal results.We are looking forward to participating and an interesting exchange.

02.May 2022 Sustainability
OptiMel CO2 report 2021

For the third year in a row, OptiMel publishes its corporate carbon footprint report. Further reductions could be implemented - u.a. by switching to biogas in tool production.

01.Apr 2022 Fairs and congresses
Technology Day Printed Circuit Boards & Assemblies

In 2021, we already presented the basics and possible applications of the Low Pressure Moulding technology at the Technology Day for printed circuit boards and assemblies.This year we take up the topic again and present detailed challenges and new developments, especially with regard to the special requirements of PCB applications.

18.Nov 2021 Press report
LPM in DICHT! magazine

The new DICHT! magazine was published on November 18, 2021 - the trade journal on all aspects of sealing and gluing.Low Pressure Moulding - represented by OptiMel - is presented in 2 statements as an interesting alternative to classic sealing solutions (pages 12 and 18).A comprehensive article will be published in the upcoming magazine 1.2022 , which will illuminate the LPM, its possibilities and advantages in the area of ​​electronic moulding in detail.

01.Nov 2021 Fairs and congresses
productronica Munich live

After almost all trade fairs last year took place exclusively virtually, the first face-to-face events are starting again this year.As a long-standing exhibitor, we are of course present at productronica in Munich and can once again present and network ourselves live and "in color".This year we will show the latest features of our Flexline machine series as well as our innovative LPM equipment with integrated induction for impermable moulding on metallic inserts, which was further developed by the requirements of the first project implementations.We look forward to an intensive exchange, exciting projects and interesting new contacts.We cordially invite you to visit us at our booth 101, hall B4 - you can request your personal ticket voucher using our contact form.

01.Nov 2021 Sustainability
OptiMel supplies climate-neutral materials

Offsetting CO² emissions plays an important role in climate protection. Germany is to be climate-neutral by 2045 and Europe by 2050.For these goals, it is not enough to rely on political action. To achieve them, everyone must contribute. Especially the companies in the industrially strong state of NRW play a decisive role here.We have been a climate-neutral company since 2019 and have again drawn up a CO² balance for 2020, on the basis of which we identify potential savings and compensate for the remaining emissions. Here, an even more detailed database was used for analysis in order to be able to make the most precise evaluation possible. Savings potentials were implemented for 2020 and additionally compensated by a closer look at other influencing factors. The logical next step was to also work on the climate neutrality of our products.Since 01.06.2021, we have now been able to offer Henkel's Technomelt moulding materials sold by us in a climate-neutral manner.Henkel itself has been committed to sustainability for decades. Sustainability is also part of the strategic framework for holistic growth with which Henkel aims to be successful in the next decade. Along the entire value chain and in cooperation with its partners, Henkel aims to become climate positive by 2040. To achieve this, the company is setting far-reaching goals, such as obtaining 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and, together with customers, consumers and suppliers, saving 100 million tons of CO2 from 2016 to 2025. If you would like to learn more about Henkel's sustainability initiatives and goals, see here:  Sustainability report ( its climate-neutral action, OptiMel makes a further contribution to the supply chain.Joint commitment is multiplied. It protects our climate and our environment. In the end, we all benefit.CO² balances for our machines and tools are already in progress and we hope that we will soon be able to offer further added value.

01.Mar 2021 Sustainability
OptiMel CO2 report 2020

For the second year in a row, OptiMel publishes its CO2 balance report. Further reductions could be implemented - a. by switching to green electricity from polarstern.

01.Nov 2020 Fairs and congresses
First electronica virtual

In 2020 electronica, Munich took place as a virtual event for the first time.This change, made necessary by the corona pandemic, brought many challenges as well as opportunities for new concepts and ideas.Of course the pioneers were part of it. With the support of our long-standing partners in trade fair construction - Wiesner Messearchitektur and Plan3 - a concept was developed to implement interesting and profitable content in virtual space for existing and new customers, interested parties and business partners.The result was the OptiMel studio for live meetings, which will continue to be used intensively after the trade fair - for workshops, presentations, project consultation, sampling and acceptance appointments.Furthermore our appearance at the fair was a designed in the form of a virtual showroom - you can take a look at it again here:

21.Jul 2020 Innovation
Reasearch project „Voyager PV“

OptiMel is an industry partner in the new research project "Voyager PV", which aims to integrate electronics and inverters into solar modules in order to create more efficiency and reliability of PV systems with lower costs at the same time.Press reports:MaschinenMarktElektronikPraxisLeibniz Universität Hannover - as project coordinator - has published a press release.

16.Jun 2020 Innovation
Adhesion on metal with induction

With the Low Pressure Moulding technology, it was previously not possible, or only possible with great effort, to produce impermable mouldings on metallic components. With our innovative equipment, adhesion on metal in the LPM technology can first be realised efficiently and reliably in one step. It enables targeted heating of the components directly in the tool and thus the formation of adhesion bridges in the molding process without time-consuming pre- or post-processing. With integrated induction equipment and a specially developed modular tool system, a qualitative and flexible solution was created that can be tailored to the requirements of the individual project.   The press also reported - on pages 34 - 36, the Electronics Production and Testing Technology magazine presents our innovation.Press reportInnovation project funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.

02.Mar 2020 Sustainability
OptiMel sets uo first CO2 report and becomes a climate-neutral company

We want to take responsibility and also make a contribution to the ecological development of the world of work. The industrial state of NRW in particular plays an important role in the success of climate protection in Germany and thus worldwide. From our point of view, concrete measures are more important than environmental certificates. Since 2014, we have been producing a large part of our electricity ourselves with our photovoltaic system.In 2019, we were part of the project "green instead of grey – commercial areas in transition", which was funded by the Global Nature Fund in cooperation with several municipalities. We will continue to implement the measures identified for more area functionality and biological diversity on our company premises. For the year 2019, we have now created a CO² report for our company location for the first time. Based on this, we will continuously take measures to reduce it. We compensate for the emissions generated by projects of ClimatePartner and can thus call ourselves a climate-neutral company.

25.Oct 2019 Press report
Technical article of Elektronipraxis

As part of the Connector Congress 2019, Elektronikpraxis Vogel reports on Low Pressure Moulding in the 3rd special edition of the electronic mechanics magazine.

01.Oct 2019 Machine system
Plug and play for melting units

A project-specific melting performance and material processing is an important factor for stable processes, protection of material and corresponding long-life cycle of the equipment. In order to offer the possibility of adapting the melting devices flexibly to the respective project, we have developed our "Plug and Play" system. A special hybrid cable and appropriately assigned Han Yellock connector as well as master-slave communication between machine and meltong unit enable a quick change and ensure that the machine programme automatically switches to the connected unit and the corresponding parameters and operating screens are loaded.

01.Sep 2019 Machine system
Low Pressure Moulding Extruder

Since 2014/15, processing with extruders has also been increasingly used in the Low Pressure Moulding. OptiMel has adapted this technology to the conditions and parameters in Low Pressure Moulding and developed a special version with injection via an additional plunger unit. This avoids pressure peaks and combines the advantages of the extruder with the requirements for processing of sensitive electronic components.