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Pioneer work

Reports from the world of the pioneers

Fairs and congresses

First electronica virtual

In 2020 electronica, Munich took place as a virtual event for the first time.

This change, made necessary by the corona pandemic, brought many challenges as well as opportunities for new concepts and ideas.

Of course the pioneers were part of it. With the support of our long-standing partners in trade fair construction - Wiesner Messearchitektur and Plan3 - a concept was developed to implement interesting and profitable content in virtual space for existing and new customers, interested parties and business partners.

The result was the OptiMel studio for live meetings, which will continue to be used intensively after the trade fair - for workshops, presentations, project consultation, sampling and acceptance appointments.

Furthermore our appearance at the fair was a designed in the form of a virtual showroom - you can take a look at it again here:


 Reasearch project 
„Voyager PV“

OptiMel is an industry partner in the new research project "Voyager PV", which aims to integrate electronics and inverters into solar modules in order to create more efficiency and reliability of PV systems with lower costs at the same time.


Press reports:




Leibniz Universität Hannover - as project coordinator - has published a press release.


Adhesion on metal 
with induction

With the Low Pressure Moulding technology, it was previously not possible, or only possible with great effort, to produce impermable mouldings on metallic components. 

With our innovative equipment, adhesion on metal in the LPM technology can first be realised efficiently and reliably in one step. 

It enables targeted heating of the components directly in the tool and thus the formation of adhesion bridges in the molding process without time-consuming pre- or post-processing. 

With integrated induction equipment and a specially developed modular tool system, a qualitative and flexible solution was created that can be tailored to the requirements of the individual project.   

The press also reported - on pages 34 - 36, the Electronics Production and Testing Technology magazine presents our innovation.

Press report


Innovation project funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.

Press report

Technical article of 

As part of the Connector Congress 2019, Elektronikpraxis Vogel reports on Low Pressure Moulding in the 3rd special edition of the electronic mechanics magazine.

Maschine system

Plug and play 
for melting units

A project-specific melting performance and material processing is an important factor for stable processes, protection of material and corresponding long-life cycle of the equipment. 

In order to offer the possibility of adapting the melting devices flexibly to the respective project, we have developed our "Plug and Play" system. A special hybrid cable and appropriately assigned Han Yellock connector as well as master-slave communication between machine and meltong unit enable a quick change and ensure that the machine programme automatically switches to the connected unit and the corresponding parameters and operating screens are loaded.

Machine system

Low Pressure Moulding 

Since 2014/15, processing with extruders has also been increasingly used in the Low Pressure Moulding. OptiMel has adapted this technology to the conditions and parameters in Low Pressure Moulding and developed a special version with injection via an additional plunger unit. This avoids pressure peaks and combines the advantages of the extruder with the requirements for processing of sensitive electronic components.

Jean-Louis Requin Project manager / Development +49 2371 - 1597 20
Adrian Skorcz Technical management/ Management tool shop +49 2371 - 1597 28
Ciprian Stein  Project management +49 2371 - 1597 59
Eva Ranft General management +49 2371 - 1597 29